About me

I am currently the Data Services Manager for DataSF in the City and County of San Francisco. I lead the team and manage our portfolio of data services which include data engineering, analytics and data science. I started at the City in August 2013 through the Mayor’s Innovation Fellowship under the late Mayor Edwin M. Lee and joined DataSF in August of 2014.

Before working at the City, I worked at the intersection of technology and urban planning as Director of the Decision Lab at PlaceMatters in Denver, CO. I came to open government and open data through my work in cities and regions across the country on data-informed, community planning processes.

I enjoy my life in the heart of San Francisco living with my loving partner and our two cats, Ru and Paul.

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Wherever I go, I bring the following values with me:

  1. Courage. No, not the hollywood-style strongman version of courage, but the kind that comes in the midst of vulnerability and uncertainty. You do not have courage, you practice it. As Brene Brown says: “Embrace the suck”
  2. Authenticity. I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. To me, this is a strength. I thrive in environments where I can know and be known. We all armor up for many reasons, but I do believe it’s possible to find authentic connections even when it’s hard.
  3. Collaboration. I am naturally collaborative. I prefer working with multi-disciplinary people on common problems. I believe there is strength in diversity.
  4. Empathy. Many of the problems I work on are challenges of the heart, of people working in organizations. To really lead and bring people together requires empathy.